The “Skirted Belfry” of Göcsej

Kehidakustány, Hunyadi János utca 20.

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The Roman Catholic wooden belfry carpentered in the 19th century and partially restored in 1987, is located in the Hunyadi Street, surrounded by a lattice fence. Its current state differs from its original. The definition of the skirted belfry of Göcsej: the belfry is an approximately 6-10 m high wooden carpentry structure in which the bell hangs. The structure of the belfries can be a simple, Y-shaped stand (single-column belfry), a two-column one fixed with carpentry ties, or a four-column structure. In the latter case, two shingle roofs were also made: the larger one protected the structure, the smaller one protected the bell and the bell ringer, as well. The belfry of Kustány is the only such belfry in the westernmost part of the county.