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Deák Ferenc Mansion and Museum

Ferenc Deák lived in Kehida from 1808, when he was five years old. The mansion in Kehida was built by Gábor Hertelendy in the 1740s. The L-shaped, one-story building served its owners without major...

Deák Well

Hilly paths lead to the Deák Well surrounded by old sessile oaks, hornbeams and beech-trees, which is less than 2 km from the mansion. Legend has it that the Wise Man of the Nation rested at this spring, often sitting under the trees surrounding the Deák Well,...

The “Skirted Belfry” of Göcsej

The Roman Catholic wooden belfry carpentered in the 19th century and partially restored in 1987, is located in the Hunyadi Street, surrounded by a lattice fence. Its current state differs from its...

Roman Catholic Church of the Annunciation

The reconstructions of the 15th century Gothic church were started in 1747 by Gábor Hertelendy. The church, built of solid materials, had a painted wooden organ-loft, a painted wooden pulpit, and a...

The traditional “Mariskaudvar” and garden with herbs and spices

Located opposite the Country House and connecting with it in function, the “Mariska” courtyard is a place for active living of the traditions of the...

Kallósd – St. Anne's Round Church

The Church of St. Anne in Kallós is also a nationally significant monument, one of the most important representatives of the Árpádian round churches. Every year, many tourists visit the village of...


The church of Kustány suggests dignity even in its ruins. The ruins of the Gothic church are located on the outskirts of the village in the forest of Zalapart. There used to be two villages: Alsókustány or Egyházaskustány and Felsőkustány. The parish church of...

Hungarian Royal Ferenc Deák Agricultural School

The Minister of Agriculture 85301/1927. The name of the institution was registered as the Hungarian Royal Ferenc Deák School of Agriculture. Shortly afterwards, in 1929, the name of the agricultural...

Papucs-hegyi Fénykereszt

július 16-án, Kármel-hegyi Boldogasszony ünnepén az Úr Jézus Fernanda Navarro, Grenoble-ban lakó családanyának adott kinyilatkoztatása által indította el világszerte több ezer kereszt felállítását, általa pontosan megadott méretben (magassága: 7.38 m, egy...
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